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coconut vietnam soup

Korean food in Barcelona

At Boko we are experts in dishes from Asia. That's why we offer the opportunity to enjoy Korean food, which is very popular among today's top chefs. Korean cuisine is based on fresh ingredients accompanied by sauces and fermented products, which result in dishes that are rich in umami, a Japanese word that describes one of the five basic tastes (together with with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) and is best translated as "pleasant savoury taste"; an appealing but subtle taste that lingers on the palate. Although it shares aspects with other, more famous Asian traditions such as Japanese and Chinese, Korean cuisine uses several specific ingredients and techniques. Koreans eat with metal chopsticks and smaller portions are arranged together, like tapas.

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Vietnamita Barcelona

Vietnamese in Barcelona

Another ancient Asian cuisine you can order for home delivery at Boko is Vietnamese food. A delicate and fragrant cuisine that uses soy sauce, fish sauce ad hoisin sauce (a sauce that is milder than sweet and sour sauce and gives Vietnamese food its characteristic aroma. Vietnamese cuisine is sophisticated and prepared with delicacy and great attention to detail. Like other Asian cuisines, it uses chillis, although it tends to be less spicy than other Asian cuisines. It is highly varied and differs from region to region, and even has French and Chinese influences. If you like Asian food, want to enjoy a delicious home delivery meal and fancy trying Vietnamese food, Boko is the best option in Barcelona. And if you're already familiar with this cuisine, at Boko we'll prepare it using the finest ingredients so that home delivery is a memorable experience.

Vietnamese Rolls Barcelona

Add some kimchi to your life: Korean food

Korean cuisine symbolises the union between body and mind. That's why it's based on healthy, low-calorie food, with plenty of vegetables and, like other Asian food, great flavour. One of the ingredients that top chefs use in their dishes is kimchi, a fermented dish made of Chinese cabbage or other vegetables with an unusual and characteristic flavour somewhere between salty and spicy. Kimchi also helps cleanse the gut and stimulate the appetite. A similar condiment is jang, a soy sauce that is also fermented for a long time and used to impart intense and sometimes spicy flavours. Other popular Korean dishes are bulgogi, a grilled marinated beef dish that is accompanied by vegetables and rice, and mandu, steamed dumplings filled with meat, tofu, onion, garlic and ginger. 

Vietnam ingredients

The best Vietnamese recipes

When Vietnamese people eat out, one of their favourite dishes is soup, which is made with many ingredients, including rice noodles, vegetables, meat, egg, bean sprouts, ginger and many spices. However, the most frequently ordered dish is Vietnamese spring rolls, or nem. Their small size and fresh, salty, sour and mild flavour make them the perfect accompaniment. Unlike Chinese spring rolls, Vietnamese rolls are made with rice paper. Fresh rolls make the perfect light snack and are served cold. They are filled with meat, prawns, herbs and rice noodles, and accompanied by peanut sauce. They're so refreshing! Fried (or imperial) rolls used to be served at the emperor's lavish parties. They are very crisp and tasty and filled with meat, vegetables and noodles. They are delicious dipped in soy sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce.

Nems Vietnam

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