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Boko: exclusive Asian food in the comfort of your own home

Are you passionate about Asian food? Are you concerned with healthy eating? Do you like ordering home delivery food? At Boko we've got the perfect solution for you: gourmet oriental food for home delivery in Barcelona. If you don't feel like cooking or just fancy a change, at Boko we prepare the best Asian food to order, just for you. It makes ordering home delivery food a simple, exquisite and healthy experience. A treat for your senses and your wallet, with affordable prices and the finest quality ingredients. Choose between the following types of home delivery Asian food: Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.

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Thai noddles

Thai, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese home delivery

Pad Thai? Green curry? Noodles? Dim sum? At Boko we offer you the best Asian cuisine, cooked to order and delivered to your home in Barcelona. Asian food is not just healthy, but features a wide range of ingredients and flavours: sweet and sour, spicy, sour, salty, sweet... Choose your favourite Asian food and we'll deliver it to your home, with free extras included in your order. If you want to try the best of Thailand, China, Korea or Vietnam, don't hesitate to place your order. Discover the Asian gourmet experience with Boko: the best Asian recipes using the finest quality produce, prepared to order just for you. 

Asia ingredients

Boko philosophy: Asian food in Barcelona

The Boko philosophy is based on letting you enjoy the best oriental cuisine at home. Asian food is very healthy and balanced, since it's prepared using fresh, low-calorie products. The combination of vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein means that Asian cuisine is a healthy option, but still full of flavour. What's more, ingredients such as soy, ginger and spring onions have powerful digestive properties that help you enjoy food in a healthy way. Even using chopsticks is beneficial: since they make you eat more slowly and take smaller mouthfuls, the food is easier to digest. If you want to order healthy, high-quality home delivery food, Boko is the best option in Barcelona.

Asian salad

Asian food at home or wherever you choose

At Boko we prepare your favourite dishes to order and deliver them wherever you choose: to your home, your office, to a get-together with friends... You can order your favourite dishes or dare to try something new. Millennium-old cooking methods, ingredients and traditions, all with a common theme: top-quality, fresh raw materials. Boko is perfect for enjoying a delicious, balanced home delivery meal during the week, at weekends or on special occasions. And if you don't know what to order, check out our suggestions.

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